Month: November 2006

J.R.Dunn’s Kimberley Process Compliance Letter to Suppliers

As a company we want to ensure that we buy diamonds and diamond jewelry from suppliers who comply with all Kimberley Process requirements. Since 2004 we have been demanding that all diamonds sold to us be regulated through the Kimberley process. This year we’ve taken things a step further and started printing the following statement on our purchase orders;

Earring Style File

According to National Jeweler “Chandelier and hoop designs remain staple styles when it comes to earrings, but if customers come in looking for the next big fad this fall, consider offering them a fresh alternative: a pair of simple drop earrings.”

Consolidation in our Industry? You Bet!

NEW YORK, Nov. 8 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Finlay Enterprises, Inc. (Nasdaq: FNLY – News), a leading retailer of fine jewelry and the largest operator of licensed fine jewelry departments in department stores throughout the United States, announced today it has executed a stock purchase agreement for the acquisition of Congress Jewelers.

Let the Blog’s begin!

After all it seem’s almost everyone is doing it so why not us Seriously, what we hope to do is to give people who are interested in fine jewelry the insider’s view on the what’s going on in the jewelry business these days. We’ll be touching on current events, day to day stuff, who’s wearing what and the people…