Birthstone November | Citrine & Topaz

The traditional birthstones for November are Citrine & Topaz.

Marco Bicego Citrine & Topaz Bracelet

Name: Topaz ~ Sanskrit for fire. Citrine ~ French for Lemon.

Colors: Topaz ~ red, orange, peach, pink, gold, yellow, brown and pale blues. Citrine ~ yellow, yellow-brown & reddish-brown.

Legends: Topaz was thought by the Greeks to increase strength and make it’s wearer invisible. Citrine was carried as protection from snake venom and evil thoughts.

Ancient uses: Citrine is known as the “healing quartz” and said to support vitality and health. Topaz was thought to heal physical and mental disorder and to prevent death.

Mohs Scale: Topaz measures 8. Citrine measures 7.

Found: Topaz is found in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Russia. Citrine is found in Brazil, Russia, France and Madagascar.

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