Breitling: A Company that is Out of this World!

For all Breitling Watch enthusiasts, I’d like to share a most enjoyable conference held just this past week, August 30th through the 31st. I among several store representatives and/or watch buyers attended a wonderful function sponsored by Breitling at the beautiful Cloister Resort and Hotel on beautiful Sea Island, Georgia. As customary, Breitling always puts on a first class training and product seminar. The accommodations were nothing short of spectacular, not to mention, the excellent information shared with all of the participants. It’s no wonder that Breitling as a company has enjoyed healthy sales increases over the past several years consistently. All the new products introduced this year in Basel were on display for all of us to actually hold and evaluate. Their ability to create and innovate definitely puts them in the upper realm of Swiss manufacturers. The latest endeavor.

Breitling Watch will be partnering with world famous entrepreneur and multi millionaire Richard Branson, the founder and CEO of Virgin Atlantic Airlines as well as numerous other companies, to launch “Virgin Galactic” which will offer distinguished clientele the opportunity for space observation missions. These missions are scheduled to begin sometime between 2009 and 2010. Breitling’s affiliation with this venture will be to supply the spacecraft with all of the instrumentation used within. Several dozen clients have given substantial monetary deposits in order to reserve the first available flights. I will keep everyone posted as to any changes and or updated regarding this incredible opportunity.

Some Breitling history and significant milestones that all readers may find interesting:

  • Breitling Watch was founded in 1884 by Leon Breitling.
  • Breitling invented the first wrist-worn stopwatch in history in the year 1915.
  • Breitling was the first Swiss watch company to patent single independent push pieces for chronographs in 1923.
  • Breitling was the first to add a second push piece for chronographs in 1934.
  • Breitling contracts and supplies the Royal Airforce of England with all aircraft instrumentation in 1936.
  • Breitling creates and develops the first slide rule used on a wrist-watch in 1942.
  • Breitling contracts and supplies Boeing, Con-Air, and various other airline companies with full cockpit instrumentation in 1950.
  • Breitling introduces it’s first family of “Navitimer” wrist-watches which are AOPA Certified in 1952.
  • Breitling makes it’s first venture into outer space and introduces it’s “Cosmonaut” model worn by an astronaut aboard the Aurora 7 in 1962.
  • Breitling introduces the worlds first self-winding chronograph titled “Chronomatic” which featured it’s patented Calibre 11 movement in 1969.
  • Breitling creates and introduces it’s signature design “Chronomat” which revolutionizes functionality, reliability and aesthetic appeal and rapidly becomes it’s most widely recognized design in 1984.
  • Breitling creates and introduces the new “Aerospace” which is the first analog/digital watch of it’s kind and also utilizes Titanium constructed case and bracelet in 1985.
  • Breitling creates and introduces the smallest ever made mechanical “Chronograph” known in the watch industry in 1992.
  • Breitling creates and introduces in 1995 the first ever “Emergency” model wrist-watch with it’s own 121.5mh transmitting signal which took the company 10 years to perfect and has currently to this day been credited with 20 life saves around the world.
  • Breitling’s involvement with aviation also prompted the company to launch it’s first successful non-stop hot air balloon circumnavigation of the world aboard the Orbiter 3 in 1999.
  • Breitling creates and introduces to the watch industry the first Swiss Certified “Super Quartz” movement technology which is evaluated and deemed to be the most accurate in history in 1999-2001.
  • Breitling’s involvement in the automobile world has always been evident. In 2003 Breitling partners with Bentley Motorcars to create and launch a series of high quality Bentley related timepieces which meets with great client appeal and demand. This endeavor takes Breitling to even newer heights and popularity.
  • Breitling introduces for it’s 20th year anniversary the brand new “Chronomat Evolution” which still to this day represents the best selling family of watches in the Breitling line.
  • For all of Breitling’s demand and public desire the company still only produces approximately 150 thousand to 170 thousand wrist-watches each year.

In closing, I hope that everyone finds this information interesting and I look forward to communicating any watch related noteworthy news as it develops.

Enjoy all watch enthusiasts!

Anthony Bonner
Watch Buyer

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  3 comments for “Breitling: A Company that is Out of this World!

  1. Bill Lindsey
    September 8, 2007 at 4:15 pm

    I have a Brietling Emergency Mission that I bought from Anthony about 18 months ago. I convinced myself that it is a piece of “emergency gear” that could come in handy, since I find myself on boats waaaay out there every so often. And it would, no doubt, but so far, the closest it has come to the Bermuda Triangle is the seafood section of my local Publix… Nevertheless, I feel better knowing I have it, should the need to call in the Coasties ever arise. It also is a kick-butt watch that works as good as it looks (and it looks great). It was easy to make it the one exception to my Rolex-Only watch collection.

    I really enjoy these articles that tell the inside story of the watch companies. Keep them coming!

  2. Howard Beardsley
    September 17, 2007 at 4:41 pm

    Great piece Anthony. I could’nt agree more. With the hospitality they showed no wonder they are so successful. See at the next level in Switzerland.

  3. November 13, 2008 at 3:57 pm

    Wow nice article. Keep it coming!

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