Calla Cut Diamond necklace presented to winner at J. R. Dunn Jewelers

Calla Cut Necklace Suzanne pictured with Jim & Sean Dunn of J. R. Dunn Jewelers

J. R. Dunn Jewelers wishes to congratulate Suzanne M. of Boca Raton, Florida on winning the 1st Annual Calla Romance Writing Contest.

Suzanne submitted a 200 word story based upon a romance incorporating the phrase “Beyond Eternity” and completed an entry form listing the store where she learned of the Calla Cut Diamond, J. R. Dunn Jewelers of South Florida. The winning prize was then presented to her on Saturday, June 29th, at the J. R. Dunn Jewelers flagship store in Lighthouse Point, Florida. Suzanne won a beautiful one half carat Calla Cut diamond necklace shaped like a butterfly, valued at $2,350.00.Calla Cut Diamonds are beautiful marquise diamonds that hint of a lovely Calla Lily shape for which it is aptly named. When placed together the diamonds form a butterfly shape that is incorporated on fashion jewelry as well as engagement rings. This diamond line is wonderful for the woman who loves beautiful contemporary jewelry, with a hint of sweetness.

See below for what Suzanne wrote:

The night air was crisp and chilly as Chris led me onto the balcony that overlooked the twinkling lights of New York City’s skyline. Our weekend trip to NYC to celebrate my 27th birthday was coming to a close, and I couldn’t have imagined a better celebration than the three romantic days that we had just spent exploring the bustling, beautiful city.“Close your eyes”, Chris instructed me, as we leaned together against the railing. I obliged, tilting my face up towards the sky, feeling the cool breeze tickle against my closed eyelids. After Chris whispered that it was okay to, I opened my eyes to find an endless horizon of bright stars & city lights winking back at me. And dangling from Chris’ fingertips, an exquisite diamond pendant necklace.The Calla Cut diamond shone more brightly than any of the city lights before us, like a star plucked straight out of the sky just for me. Chris laughed softly at my delight and placed a tender kiss upon my lips. Then he placed the necklace around my neck and lovingly whispered in my ear, Just like the starry night sky, my love for you extends beyond eternity. Happy Birthday, darling.”

Fantastic Job Suzanne!

Stay tuned, more contests coming….


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