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Everything about making sure your diamonds are conflict free. Read about the Kimberley Process, Clean Diamond Act, Chain of warranties, “Blood Diamond” movie and more.

Diamond Empowerment Fund | Simmon’s Green Bracelet Headed for TV!

Russell Simmons is continuing his strong push to raise awareness for the Diamond Empowerment Fund – Starting on Monday a PSA is headed for TV illustrating the good that diamonds can do for the people in Africa who live in the regions where the gems are found. This powerful video portrays a story of a child that begins when he…

J.R.Dunn’s Kimberley Process Compliance Letter to Suppliers

As a company we want to ensure that we buy diamonds and diamond jewelry from suppliers who comply with all Kimberley Process requirements. Since 2004 we have been demanding that all diamonds sold to us be regulated through the Kimberley process. This year we’ve taken things a step further and started printing the following statement on our purchase orders;