Diamond Care:Top Ten Sparkle Killers to Avoid

Diamond and LadyHave you ever wondered how to keep your diamond looking as pretty as the day you got it? I’ve created a list below of ten things to avoid if you want your diamond to sparkle more than your girlfriends! But first I need you to go in your personal jeweler and have you diamonds professionally cleaned and your prongs checked. We recommend you have you jewelry inspected every six months to prevent stone loss. So before you do any activity listed below please take off your ring.

1. Applying Moisturizing Lotions

2. Applying Hairspray

3. Spraying Perfume

4. Washings Dishes

5. Showering

6. Gardening

7 . Applying Sunblock

8. Using Hair Gel

9. Painting

10. Stuffing a Turkey (baking or cooking)


FreebieTip: When you put on or take off your diamonds try not to touch the top of the ring, hold jewelry by the metal not the stone…the natural oils on your skin can dull your diamond.

There were quite a few others that almost made the list but I tried to have the decency to omit things like changing diapers and……well lets not go there!

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