Make a Three Stone Diamond Ring All Your Own!

Ritani Three Stone Diamond RingFor those of you that haven’t heard the charming story behind the three stone ring this blogs for you. DeBeers started the “Past, Present & Future” campaign a few years back and it’s powerful meaning took the jewelry industry by storm. The story goes…the first side diamond represents past love, the center and larger diamond represents present love and the second side diamond is for future love.

The look is wonderful but you don’t have to stick to run of the mill with this look. I have heard a lot of women say they thought that all the diamonds had to be the same shape or size. NOT TRUE! You can use any shapes that you wish! So don’t be afraid to put your own story/personality into the design of the ring. Think about using fancy color diamonds. They can be used as the center or side diamonds….anything you wish. Fancy color diamonds, especially blues and pinks, can be more premium priced but they can make your three stone ring magnificent and truly unique!

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Happy Shopping! 🙂


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