Ethical Standards and the Tolkowsky Diamond

On the subject of social accountability and ethics in the jewelry industry, my family and I were so impressed with the standards of Cut by Tolkowsky ideal cut diamonds that I feel compelled to share their outstanding guarantee! This is one of many brands we are extremely proud to represent.

Direct from the Tolkowsky website:

Our Group of companies has been complying for years with the Best Practice Principles and implementing professional, environmental and ethical standards necessary to ensure consumer confidence in both our natural diamonds and their origin.

Specifically, we are guaranteeing that all our stones have not been treated, do not contain simulants and are not synthetic. “Cut by Tolkowsky” diamonds do not result from non-ethical practices like provenance from areas involved in conflict or human suffering, harming the health or welfare of individuals or child labour.

Our award-winning state of the art manufacturing facilities are both SA8000 and ISO9001-200 certified, which corresponds to the highest level of Social Accountability and working conditions.

By acquiring the rough stones for our manufacturing needs directly from the DeBeers affiliate D.T.C. and other Best Practice Principles compliant companies, and having integrated all the manufacturing processes in-house, our Group of companies ensures that all the “Cut by Tolkowsky” diamonds are completely traceable, so that the integrity of our diamond supply is never breached.

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