Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring 11.97 Carats! | Hot Holiday Pick of the Day

12 Carat Fancy Yellow Diamond RingThe Hot Pick for today is my FAVORITE piece of jewelry in our store. It’s a Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring by Diva, that has almost 12 carats of diamonds! Working for J. R. Dunn Jewelers for almost seven years has made me more of a jewelry lover than I ever thought I could be. I grew up in rural Vermont and the items I see in our store just wouldn’t fly in that conservative lifestyle, Vermonters are very laid back and tend to be VERY practical.

Thankfully in the last 7 years I have “seen the light”; Jewelry can be a wonderful indulgence for a woman! This colored diamond ring is from the Diva Collection. It is a beautiful light yellow oval shaped diamond weighing 10.09 carats. Surrounding the center diamond are prong set yellow diamonds weighing .79 carat in total. And along the shank of the ring are tapered baguettes and round brilliants that weigh 1.09 carats, bringing this rings total carat weight up to 11.97 carats! Diva is a company that creates wonderful one-of-a-kind statement pieces centered around big beautiful natural gemstones.

To see more big beautiful fancy colored diamond rings please go to!

Happy Shopping!



P.S.If I win the lottery that baby is mine! 🙂

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