FRUITZ | 5 Most Popular Watches

FRUITZ watches are colorful, fun, trendy and great to collect! – According to the company, the 5 most popular FRUITZ watches are listed below.

Fruitz Classic Blueberry (F36S-BU-BL)

Happy Hour Purple Rain (F43S-PR-PR)

Happy Hour Cosmopolitan (F43S-C-HP)

Fruitz Classic Watermelon (F36S-WM-G)

Fruitz Classic Banana (F36S-BA-Y)

Which one is your favorite? With prices averaging around $225 dollars, why not collect them all? FRUITZ watches sport an oversize dial with a multicolor sunburst design and have “seeds” instead of numbers for markers! To see a dazzling array of FRUITZ watch styles visit

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