Getting to Know John Hardy

My family and I have had the pleasure of attending a couple of intimate parties given by John Hardy and his wife Cynthia at the Las Vegas jewelry trade shows.

I remember one year in particular where he had rented a magnificent home in the desert and asked some of his Balinese friends and associates to travel and stay with him. Some of them had never even been to the United States before. It was quite an experience for them and it turned out to be very memorable one for us too. Over the years of doing business with the brand we’ve obviously met John before but never on such an intimate level. This night in particular was very special, he wanted to bring a flavor of Bali to the desert and he had his team dress in their traditional garb and prepare an authentic Balinese meal for all of the guests. John really seamed in his element this evening. He shared stories of his entrance into the jewelry business where he dabbled with loose rubies and other things be fore he truly found his niche in nature inspired designer silver jewelry. John went to Bali in 1975 and studied silver-smithing techniques with Balinese craftsmen, some of them descendants of artisans who made jewelry for the royal courts of Bali. Many of the craftsmen employed by John Hardy today are part of that heritage. And speaking of heritage the most amazing observations we made about John that night is how much he adores his wife and children. It was truly an awesome experience and it gave me a deep appreciation of how special each handmade piece of John Hardy jewelry really is.


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