Getting to Know Our Online Clients……..

One of the greatest thing my family and I take pride in is getting to know our clients on a personal level. Many of them have great stories to tell, both family and work related, and when you take the time to listen you can learn a lot. While doing this is fairly easy when a client walks into either of our showrooms it’s not as easy to do this on the web. That’s why we get so excited and are so appreciative when a client takes the time to send an email about their shopping experiences on

For example, it’s interesting to find out the great ways people have proposed with a ring from our website. People even send in pictures from all over the world with their fiance’s proudly wearing their new engagement ring. We take great pride in those emails so please don’t stop! And if you can suggest a way we can improve we are all ears.

Fortunately there are other ways to learn about who our clients are on the web. I stumbled across a website called this morning and found out a little bit more about our shoppers. According to Quantcast it was interesting to know our customers are likely to also visit, Neiman and when it comes to online shopping. It’s nice to know that our online and offline customers share similarities. We also found out that our audience by a slight majority is female. We love this because we love fashion jewelry and successful women are the ones who buy fashion jewelry for themselves. visitors also are very interested in engagement rings and wedding bands.

Quantcast was a nice find to learn about more about our online clients. We hope to use the information to provide more of what our clients want. And please if you, our audience, have more suggestions we are eager to hear from you!

All the best in 2007,


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