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I remember like it was yesterday the first time I saw a “Golconda Diamond”. I read about how beautiful Golconda diamonds were but I never had actually seen one until I had a 9ct round brilliant sent in for a very special client. She said she wanted the very best color diamond money could buy. Let me tell you there are no words to describe just how transparent and white this diamond was.

The term Golconda originates from an historic area in India named the “Golconda kingdom” where diamonds used to be mined. Now the term is used to describe diamonds that are type IIa. Type IIa diamonds are pure diamond crystals with no nitrogen present. (The presence of nitrogen is what gives diamonds a yellowish color.) This lack of nitrogen makes Golconda diamonds pure white and this is extremely rare. These gems makes up less than 1% of all diamonds and they sometimes referred to as “Super D’s.”

So, if you’re searching for a “Super D” prepare to be patient as Golconda’s are few and far between. You can occasionally see them commanding very high premiums at high end auction houses like Sotheby’s and Christies. Once you finally do find the Golconda diamond that strikes your fancy be sure it is accompanied by a Gueblin verification report stating the diamond is in fact type IIa. This report will go along way to protect your investment down the road.

Happy Hunting!


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    I am not perfect but I own a Perfect Diamondâ„¢ and that explains everything!

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