Guy Advice: I Want to Buy Her a Jewelry Gift But I Don’t Want Her to Think it’s an Engagement Ring!

Hey guys let’s face it, you really dig her but you are not ready to tie the knot just yet. You want to show her your serious with a piece of jewelry but you don’t want her to think it’s an engagement ring. We’ll here are some helpful tips to avoid what could be a roller coaster of emotions for both of you.

First let’s discuss the type of jewelry you are considering purchasing. Let’s start with the most meaningful. Anything that has a large diamonds in it, like diamond studs or diamond solitaire pendants are more committal. If the thought of buying diamonds is still too heavy for you consider a nice Swiss watch. You’re showing her you care with a high quality gift that’ll last a lifetime. But if you just in the beginning stages of “going steady” (does any one say this anymore?) and you want to keep it light, anything in gold or fashion jewelry with small pave diamonds or gemstones is a safe bet. That being said it’s still a good idea to stay away from rings because of the box your jeweler will put it in. Those little square boxes can be a doozy!

The next bit of advice is give some thought as when you are going to present this gift. If you do it in Aruba or at a candlelight dinner at the most expensive restaurant in town you better watch out! A better idea is to give her jewelry on an expected celebratory occasion such as a Birthday or Valentines Day. She probably wouldn’t suspect an engagement ring on any of these occasions because she would want you to make your proposal a bit more of a surprise! So the bottom line is don’t be afraid to give jewelry, it’s a powerful gift and it’ll show her you really care just use it wisely! 🙂


Ralph & Stanley*

*All names have been changed to protect the innocent.

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