Hello Kitty as Cruel and Unusual Punishment!

You won’t believe this one! According to BBC News, police chiefs in the Thai capitol of Bankok are taking punishing their sub-ordinates way too far! They are making them wear an bright pink armband featuring the Hello Kitty motif and two hearts on it for days at a time. This is meant to shame them to help build discipline. What has the world come to? You think this bad for the officer but imagine the poor guy who gets arrested and his friends find out he was incarcerated by a feline wearing policeman.

Hello Kitty has become a huge phenomenon in the United States and across the globe. You can find it on school notebooks, pens and now police officers! Officer Kitty may just be the next hot item from the Hello Kitty Jewelry line by Kimora Lee Simmons. What a Fab Idea!

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