Hot Pick of the Day: John Hardy Hot New Bracelets

I usually only do one item when it comes to our hot pick of the day, but I really like these new John Hardy bracelets. I couldn’t decide on just one! So I’ve chosen to showcase several of my favorite bracelets in addition to ones that are super popular with our clients as well.

Kali Menari Bracelets ~ Loosely translated as “River Stone Dance” this newest collection is fast becoming as popular as its parent collection Kali.

Palu Bracelets ~ The word “Palu” means hammered in Balinese. The gold is meant to resemble a stone feature. This collection is not so on the new side but the demand is still staggering. Thi John Hardy bracelet is also available in just hammered silver if you don’t want the gold.

Kawung Bracelets ~ This new John Hardy collection is created to resemble a design that was reserved for royalty. This collection does include a few different variations, Batu Kawung, 18k Gold Kawung as well as Kawung Pave Diamond.

Kawung Colorway Bracelets ~ This John Hardy design is a combination of the Kawung and Colorway collections, very cool.

Dot Gold Nuansa Bracelets ~ Nuansa is a Malay-Indonesian term meaning “atmosphere’’ and is a combination of John Hardy’s Dot Gold Collection and his signature Chain Collection. It has a very ethnic rich look which also comes in an all silver version.

Dot Gold Pave Twist Bracelets ~ Once again John Hardy puts a “twist” on one of his popular collections. Check out the pretty swirl he has placed in the middle of his Dot Gold and Pave Diamond Collections.

To shop for John Hardy bracelets visit now!

Stay tuned for more this fabulous jewelry designer’s collections coming in for the holiday season. There is more cool new stuff on the way!

Happy Shopping!



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