Hot Pick of the Day: John Hardy Kali Money Clip

Here’s one for the guys. Okay ladies, I know it can be hard finding a nice gift for that special man. Here is a gift that is in the realm of “on the safe side”, especially if you are not sure if he is comfortable wearing jewelry. It is very affordable and EVERY man can use it. This money clip from John Hardy’s Kali collection….meaning river stones in Balinese, and you can see how the design looks like the bottom of a river or stream. Very cool.

John Hardy’s has a great men’s collection to choose from….Shop for more gift ideas for your man!


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  1 comment for “Hot Pick of the Day: John Hardy Kali Money Clip

  1. Ward Donoho
    May 10, 2008 at 10:23 pm

    Was in LHP store last week. Met paige otte. She is wonderful.
    It was the first time I had visited. I have only been in Pompano
    for eighteen years;Boca before that. I have been a “mall guy”.

    Art Carved ref. me to JR Dunn for tungsten wedding bands,which Paige
    showed me. Now looking for Kali by JH and Google sends me to you
    again. Stay with Paul and Young Ron. Hearing Paul talk about it makes
    you sound very appealing. I was NOT disappointed.
    Next move is to have my wife come in and begin a “wish list”.

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