Hot Pick of the Day: Mikimoto Pearls in Motion

Mikimoto Pearls in Motion

“Pearls? My Grandmother wore Pearls” We hear that one all the time at J.R.Dunn Jewelers. But let me be the first to tell you Mikimoto’s Pearls in Motion are NOT YOUR GRANDMOTHERS PEARLS! I absolutely LOVE the versatility of this collection from Mikimoto….I am a typical woman and change my mind all the time. I want my jewelry to enhance how I feel and what I am wearing. These pearls do just that. They actually slide along the necklace and stay in the position where you place them. Besides being versatile and very chic, these pearls are Mikimoto and for that reason they will end up being heirlooms that future generations will cherish.

Pearls in Motion are also perfect for that blushing bride…..the versatility will make it work with almost any neckline on any wedding dress. You can even wear the drop in the back with a high neckline. They also make a great gift for that special maid of honor.

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