Hot Pick of the Day: Robert Pelliccia “Forget Me Not” Bib Necklace

Robert Pelliccia Robert Pelliccia has a new necklace in his Forget Me Not collection! And it is FABULOUS! The necklace is made up of seperate rose gold flowers, some with diamonds some without. And, each flower moves easily and seperately making it lay on your decolletage beautifully.

Robert Pelliccia is J. R. Dunn Jewelers’ own award-winning designer. He is fast becoming well known nationally and is truly one of those “up and coming” jewelry designers. Robert has won the coveted DeBeers award 3 times and the AGTA Award 9 times. His specialty has always been important diamond rings and exquisite precious gemstone creations but Robert’s new “Forget Me Not” collection is wonderful example of modern designer jewelry at it’s finest.


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