Hot Pick of the Day: Roberto Coin Cento Heart Necklace

Roberto Coin Cento Heart NecklaceCheck out the latest in Italian jewelry style from the Roberto Coin Cento Collection! This is such a wonderful diamond pendant for the woman who loves hearts. This dazzling heart shape pendant features a single Cento diamond in it’s cleft. The Cento diamond is a specially cut diamond from Roberto Coin that features 100 facets (hence the name Cento which translates to 100 in Italian). This faceting arrangement makes the diamond “shout” at you from across the room because they are so brilliant!

And for those of you who are regulars on the J.R.Dunn Jewelry Blog you already know that Roberto Coin , one our favorite Italian jewelry designers, sets a ruby in the majority of his fine jewelry creations. It’s his signature, inspired by an ancient Egyptian legend that states if you wear a ruby next to the skin it will bring you good luck, prosperity and a harmonious life. (I think I need atleast 20 rubies to make my dreams come true right about now!) 🙂

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