Hot Pick: Philip Stein Watch

Philip Stein Watches nick-named the “feel good” watch by users, Phillip Stein watches are designed to work with your own body’s own natural electromagnetic energy field to ward off any negative electromagnetic fields (EMF) given off by electronic devices around you such as cell-phones and computers.

The secret is the TESLAR chip which was invented in 1986 and works with the watch’s quartz movement to create a special signal generating an electrical field. This unique electrical field duplicates the Earth’s own natural energy state (7-9 Hertz) as well as the signals emitted by the brain when you are in a soothed calm mood.


Beyond all of the science, this watch is very stylish and mod, with or without diamonds, oval or round, with the versatility of changeable straps and bracelets. Prices start around $545.00 and sizes range for every taste.

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Hot or Not?


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  1 comment for “Hot Pick: Philip Stein Watch

  1. Jamie
    February 11, 2009 at 2:20 pm

    This is the watch Oprah has with TESLAR technology chips embedded in the watch. The newer versions of Philip Stein DO NOT have Teslar Technology in them but instead they have started using an alloy-module that does NOT have the same effects on the wearer. Their claims are false and can be scientifically disproven. Philip Stein is still using the TESLAR brand name to sell products and even package the new versions in TESLAR branded boxes without actually using TESLAR products. DON’T BE SCAMMED!

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