What is her Ring Size? I Want to Surprise Her!

Robert Wander RingTrying to be under the radar and purchase a ring for a loved one as a surprise? We understand it can be challenging to find out what that persons ring size is.

Here are a few ways to help you in your endeavor:

1. The BEST way to get a correct ring size is by having the person sized professionally by a jeweler, but that is not very subtle. So, if you cannot come up with a good enough story then don’t try this one.

2. Ask a family member or friend to see if they know the persons ring size. If they don’t know then they are in a better position to find out without giving away the surprise. Women sometimes try on each others jewelry.

3. Another is to measure an already existing ring. Printable Ring Sizer, a pdf file that you can print and place the ring on the circles to determine what ring size the ring is. You can always bring an existing ring into the jeweler to have them size the ring for the correct ring size too! Just be sure she is going to wear the ring on the same exact finger.

4. Feeling Brave? There is also another way to measure her ring size while she’s sleeping. Click Ring Sizer for a pdf file you can print to wrap around her finger. Now make sure you have an answer to “What the heck are you doing?” if you happen to wake her.

If you have any more suggestions on getting somebody’s ring size without them knowing drop us a line. We always interested in adding to our list!

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