Is the Largest Diamond Find a Huge Hoax?

Wow is this one getting fishy! – According to Reuters, one of the first method used to test if the mineral found was a diamond was a garage grinder! The property developer, Brett Jolly, who isn’t in the diamond business stated “We put it on a garage grinder and it didn’t scratch, so what can it be?” …..What? No gemological testing yet? O.k. maybe they didn’t try to trick us but that’s very little scientific evidence to announce such a huge discovery on!

It seems like the guys who found this rock might have gotten a little ahead of themselves but it’s easy to see why. Until yesterday, the largest rough diamond found to date was the Cullinan diamond weighing in at 3107 carats and once polished the stone ended up being set in the sceptre of King Edward VII which is now in the Tower of London. Yesterdays unconfirmed diamond find in South Africa weighed in at over 8,000 carats, more than double the Cullinan!

Speculation is abound and I’m sure this will be all put to rest tomorrow. Is it a Diamond or isn’t it? Who know’s but I’m hoping these guys happen to luck out and we’ve got the diamond find of the Century in the making!

Oh and guys, please don’t try that grinder thing on your wife or your mom’s diamonds 🙂


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