Jewelry Care Tip: Avoiding Costly Repairs for Jewelry and Watches

This tip will definitely save you some money at some point in your life! Avoid putting your jewelry on over hard surfaces.Some of the most heart breaking repairs come into our store because clients have accidentally dropped their prized possession on the marble floor while trying to put the item on. We see everything from shattered watch crystals to chipped diamonds because of this. And yes , you can chip a diamond.

Diamonds are the “hardest substance known to mankind,” but hardness is only resistance to scratching while toughness is resistance to breaking. The same holds true for sapphire crystals on watches, they resist scratches extremely well but they can be brittle if you drop them! So make a habit of putting your jewelry on over the carpet or the bed if you can help it.

Spread the word, you’ll be doing your friend a huge favor on this one!

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