Jewelry Trends | Live from the 2008 Vegas Jewelry Show

Jewelry trends for fall and winter 2008 – We are heading into our third day at the Couture 2008 jewelry show and I’m happy to report we haven’t been disappointed at all with the jewelry shown so far.

By far and away the strongest trends we have seen is the explosion of jewelry featuring organic shapes. The pearls in particular have been spectacular, especially the large baroque pearls from Yvel in black, white and gold mixed with diamonds.

As far as the over all color trends go, things seemed to have toned down from the days when shocking pink was the rule. The stones being feature in the jewelry are leaning once again towards the classics, including black, gray, brown and even some white. Some of the most outrageous pieces we saw actually featured large black diamonds, gray diamonds and rose cut diamonds.

Some of the trends from last year like rose gold, cuff bracelets, bangle bracelets, large hoop earrings and bold gold still have plenty of life left in them. However with the price of gold the way it is, some designers have tried to create gold jewelry pieces that still look bold but are actually wafer thin. These pieces were horrible! I know the suppliers wanted to keep the prices down but the style and feel didn’t translate at all. I think our clients want quality and substance when it comes to fine jewelry.

And for those of you who love designer jewelry like we do, there are tons of new pieces coming out from the top brands. We are expanding our current collections of Aaron Basha, John Hardy, Roberto Coin and Mikimoto tremendously. We are also adding quite few new exciting designers to our lineup (we’ll let you know who they are as soon as the product is on its way). And don’t worry guys, we haven’t forgot about you! We are bringing in a ton of edgy sterling silver men’s jewelry including designer cufflinks, heavy men’s bracelets and necklaces and quite a few accessories to boot.

More updates to follow as things progress…………

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