Jewelry Trends Update | Fall & Winter 2007

We are fast approaching the ever important Holiday season and it time to give an update on the jewelry trends we reported in early 2007. Our clients demand for yellow has been even stronger than expected. Thank God, because yellow gold is 80% percent of what we bought at the jewelry shows this year! Another jewelry trend we reported earlier on was big gold hoops and what a bright spot hoops have been. Not only have they been doing well in yellow gold, we have seen women falling in love with diamond hoops in large sizes all over again! This has been a jewelry trend that we love! It’s quite over the top, but hey, if you can afford it why not! The rest of us can get this stacked look by going with several gold bangle bracelets which is more affordable and suitable for daytime wear.

Another trend we saw come to life at the VMA’s was colored diamonds but not like in years past. Before the diamonds shown were bright pinks and yellows, this year the colors were more muted like cognacs, softer yellows and even black. Fortunately we have got quite a bit of black and white jewelry coming in over the next few weeks to keep you up to date on the latest styles. We are particulary excited about the Fantasia Collection from Roberto Coin . This Italian jewelry icon always hits the jewelry trends dead on.

I’m sure by now your probably asking yourself which jewelry trends haven’t caught on yet? I mean we are pretty good at J.R.Dunn but no one has given us a crystal ball yet. Well, rose gold is gaining momentum but not as fast as it has been in Europe. I think when our world traveling clients return to South Florida for winter this will all change. And soon they will be receiving our 2008 Jewelry Fashion Book to give them some additional inspiration to don some rose gold!

Happy Shopping,


P.S. Stay tuned for part two of jewelry trends report coming soon.

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