Jude Frances – The Women Are Taking Over!

Jude Frances Jewelery Banner

There are lots of beautiful and fabulous designer jewelry lines…..but the ones that are created/run by women are different! Any fashion jewelry maven out there will understand what I am talking about. How comfortable is the jewelry to wear, how flexible is it with your wardrobe, and is it easy or a little cumbersome to get on and off. Am I right ladies?

Jude Frances is a wonderful line designed by women for women. This meticulous partnership combines timelessness with modern sweetness. This jewelry is affordable and meant to be worn everyday. The earring dangles are interchangeable with the hoops! So you buy one pair of the hoops and multiples of the dangles. The pendant’s bail open so you can use any chain or place it anywhere on a necklace. Clasps are larger and easier to use….these little thoughts into the design of the jewelry make it a joy to wear.

Something to think about boys!

Happy Shopping!




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