Man Proposes and Seconds Later the Couple Gets Robbed at Gunpoint in Central Park

Seconds after Luke Jacunski got down on one knee and popped the question to Mami Nagase an armed thug jumped out from the bushes in Central Park and demanded the couples money and jewelry. According to the article in the New York Post , Luke kept his cool and managed to slip the engagement ring off Mami’s finger and hide it under his arm during the heist! The awkward move caught the robbers eye and he even questioned “What are you doing?” to which Luke played dumb and continued hiding the engagement ring! The robber ended up getting away with a heirloom wristwatch and about $125 dollars in cash. Luke had planned on using the money to take Mami out for a night on the town but “Instead of having dinner at a nice French restaurant we had a bag of Doritos” said Jacunski.

Geez…Talk about making your proposal memorable!

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