Mattioli Samarcanda Necklace & Bracelet: Hot Pick of the Day

Mattioli Samarcanda Necklace and BraceletMattioli Samarcanda Necklace and Bracelet is our hot pick for the day. And to be perfectly honest, this collection did not wow me when it first came in and I just saw it laying in our cases. However, when I saw it on one the owners I was FLOORED ! Mrs. Dunn modeled this gorgeous necklace at one of the many charity events our company is involved in. This designer’s creations really come alive as soon as you put them on!

I could not do just do the gold and diamond necklace without the bracelet! They just look so great together! These pieces are from the Italian jewelry designer Mattioli from his Samarcanda collection. Since 1970 Mattioli has perfected the fusion of passion and ultra-sophisticated Italian style.
This necklace and matching bracelet are soooo pretty! Lots of yellow gold tear drop shapes with DIAMONDS….girls, how can you lose with that? You can’t!

For more Mattioli collection shop at!

Happy Shopping!


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  1. steven epstein
    February 10, 2009 at 12:26 am

    Is this necklace and bracelet still available? What is the cost?

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