Michele Watches Diamond Deco Wristwatch: Holiday Hot Pick of the Day

Michele Watch Diamond Deco Wristwatch

Michele Diamond Deco Wristwatch is my hot pick of the day. The “Deco” is very cool and is the perfect fashion watch for EVERY woman’s wardrobe! This watch is in step with the “big” trend right now….I see women wearing what amounts to a mans size watch every day. Size matters right now to the younger generations of women when it comes to watches. The Michele Watch Deco Diamond wristwatch is big on size and style too! With 108 diamonds weighing .60 carat this watch has a chic side without being too much. So you can wear it every day and make all the girls in the office jealous! The best thing about a Michele Watch is its versatility. There are tons of easily interchangeable straps that you can get and they are VERY striking and quite unique. For example, check out the alligator and patent straps, they have added a gold tone that makes them absolutely gorgeous!

Take a look at the Michele Watches Diamond Deco Collection at JRDunn.com.

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  1 comment for “Michele Watches Diamond Deco Wristwatch: Holiday Hot Pick of the Day

  1. Afiya Watkins
    May 11, 2009 at 7:17 pm

    I love this watch; it is absolutely beautiful. It is sophisticated and classy with just the right amount of “bling” without being obnoxious. I wear this watch to work and out on the town with the same ease. Love it!

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