Mr. Bling’s New Thing | Jacob the Jeweler to Launch his own Vodka

Not even the Feds can stop this marketing machine. Jacob the Jeweler is planning the world debut of his own vodka, called BOCAJ (not to be confused with BORAT), on September 8th at the MTV Video Music Awards in Las Vegas. I was happy to read that this didn’t just come from left field and at least there is some heritage to this new vodka endeavor. According to a great story from Vanity Fair Jacob’s father sold his own vodka, beer and wine in the 70’s when the family lived in the former Soviet Union. And keeping true to form, Bocaj is based on this “age-old family recipe derived from grapes versus the traditional wheat variety.” I don’t know anyone who has tried it yet but it sure looks like a great vodka from the outside at least. Bocaj is presented in very “Jacob” styled bottle; it’s covered in frosted octehedral inspired shapes to resemble the look of “Diamonds in the Rough”. You are a marketing genius Jacob!

Stay tuned as our family is soon to announce the official launch of NNUD, a rare single malt scotch based on our Irish history (Hey if Jacob the jeweler can spell his name backwards and market a product why not us!) 🙂

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