Pick of The Day: Aaron Basha Baby Shoes

Aaron Basha Baby Shoe at JRDunn.comTell your family story with jewelry! Aaron Basha is well known for his “original” baby shoe charms. And traditionally, when purchasing Aaron Basha for the birth of a child you would purchase a blue bootie for boys, pink saddle shoe for girls….and so on! But now, this brilliant jewelry designer offers so much more than just the shoes! You can celebrate your childs’ milestones, hobbies and accomplishments along the way. Check out some examples of the many Aaron Basha pieces below:

Classic Basha featured in picture: Aaron Basha Baby Shoe with pink sapphire hearts with diamond dangle heart $3,200.00

Basha’s charms that celebrate life’s most special moments:

The child who is in the championship game – The Baseball Glove

The child who just loves butterflies – The Butterfly

The boy or girl who aces a test or event – The Star

That teenage daughter who LOVES dolphins – The Dolphin

And, it’s not just for the kids…get one to represent the Prince Charming in your life –The Frog Prince.

Or, the grouch in your life (smile) – The Crab

That significant other who plays golf (or who tries) – Golf Ball and Bag (his/hers).

You get the idea….Aaron Basha is not just for the birth of a child but to commemorate those special events in our life.


To shop more Aaron Basha jewelry visit www.jrdunn.com today!

Happy Shopping!



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