Roberto Coin Diamond Rings | Simply Brilliant

If you are looking for a stylish and unique engagement ring that you won’t see coming and going you should check out the Cento Collection from Roberto Coin. These Roberto Coin diamond rings range in style from big and bold to clean and simple. My personal favorite happens to be the C profile engagement ring that does a magnificent job keeping the focus on the center diamond. And who wouldn’t want to do that when the diamond that symbolizes your life long commitment is a Cento Diamond. The name Cento means “one hundred” in Italian and that is the amount of facets that these specially cut diamonds have. The result is a diamond that exhibits an unbelievable amount of fire and brilliance. And like the rest of his fine jewelry collection, Roberto Coin diamond rings feature the signature ruby set inside each ring. According to ancient lore a ruby, when worn close to the skin, gives the wearer peace and a long life filled happiness.