Solitaire Engagement Rings | When Your Center Diamond Is The Star!

Vatche Solitaire Engagement RingDont’ be a jewelry snob when it comes to solitaire engagement rings! Working for a high-end jewelry store for a few years can turn even the most practical down-to-earth-girl into a little bit of a “jewelry snob”. Even though I am a lover of John Hardy and Pianegonda (both very affordable sterling silver jewelry lines that we carry in our stores) I just can’t seem to help myself when it comes to diamonds….the more the merrier, the bigger the better, diamonds are a girls best friend, I could go on all day! But, sometimes I can be caught off guard when I see a beautiful well cut diamond in a simple solitaire setting. That one gorgeous diamond ends up being the star of the ring and is such a classic look. I also think that this is a nice alternative for the guy who is not quite sure what his soon-to-be fiance wishes for a mounting. Placing the majority of the budget into the diamond, then upgrading at a later date can be a very smart idea. That means you can usually go bigger with the diamond, and one bigger diamond is worth more in the long run than a bunch of smaller ones! So, when it comes to solitaire engagement rings, don’t be a jewelry snob!

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