Taxation on Online Sales: How Charles Rangel and some Mom and Pop retailers have it wrong!

This is way off topic for us, but what the heck! I’ve just finished reading an article from National Jeweler on Charles Rangel opening the JA jewelry show in New York with a message of support to small jewelers. He is aligned with the “Mom and Pop” jewelers on the subject of trying to impose sales tax on Internet sales to level the playing field against online jewelers who have an “unfair advantage.”

Let me first say that our company, J.R.Dunn Jewelers, is a “Mom and Pop” store and I would support the tax on Internet sales but for other reasons! I mean it’s o.k. if the states are losing too much money to keep the standards of education high or our streets safe; but to impose a sales tax to eliminate competition? This is terribly misguided and rather un-American! The American way is to promote fair competition and the last time I checked there was no ban for Mom and Pops to create a nice website for themselves and jump into the ring. Our countries’ entrepreneurial spirit is what keeps us ahead of the rest of the world.

Anyone else have an opinion on this?

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