Temple St Clair Crystal Vine Pendant | Hot Holiday Pick of The Day

Temple St Clair Rock Crystal Egg & Vine PendantThe Temple St Clair Jewelry Collection is a new designer jewelry line here at J. R. Dunn Jewelers. This collection is sold at only the most exclusive jewelers and is one of those jewelry lines that I could easily get addicted to. You can’t help but want more and more!

Temple St. Clair was founded by Temple St. Clair Carr in 1986 while living in Florence, Italy and takes her inspiration from ancient Italian jewelry and techniques. This Rock Crystal Collection is one of her signature collections.

The Crystal & Vine pendant shown here is created in 18k yellow gold and features a vine motif that surrounds a rock crystal in the shape of an egg. The piece is priced at $4950.00 and would make a wonderful statement piece.

Shop online at JRDunn.com to see more Temple St Clair.

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