Ten Tips to Purchasing Your Ring Setting and Diamond Seperately | Men’s Guide

Tacori Engagement RingLets face it guys, buying an engagement ring can be STRESSFULL! And, purchasing your engagement ring setting and diamond separately can be a daunting process. Even with the Internet these days sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Here are some helpful hints on how to go about it.

First of all be Sneaky! If you are buying your diamond ring without your significant other, then you’ve got to try to figure out what she would like.

1. Check her magazines for corners folded over on engagement ring advertisements. Take pics with your camera phone to show to your jeweler.

2. Look at her jewelry. What color is it? Yellow,white or rose gold? Is the jewelry she wears big or small, simple or intricate? Again, take pictures of her jewelry with your camera phone to show to your jeweler. Most knowledgeable sales people can look at a woman’s jewelry style and guide you in the right direction on what she might like.

3. What has she said? Most women who are ready for “the ring” are dropping clues left and right! Does she comment on a ring advertisement during your football games? I know it’s hard guys….but pay attention!

4. Learn the 4 C’s of diamonds! You can learn more about these classifications on JRDunn.com, or if you would like to speak to a human, you welcome to call and speak to one of our specialists.

5. Set a budget. There is a lot of talk around about how much to spend, but in reality, spend what you are comfortable with. Just remember to try to place the majority of your budget in your diamond, not the mounting.

6. Learn how much diamonds cost! Once you know a little about diamonds, go to our loose diamond search on JRDunn.com and play around a little bit to get an idea of what diamonds cost.

7. Choose a ring setting! Using the tips from above, choose the ring setting or diamond ring mounting that she likes. If you are unable to find out what she likes. Just choose a solitaire if you are not sure and then let her pick the diamond mounting of her choice. I have also see men come shopping with their significant other for the mounting, making the diamond the surprise. This works too!

8. Be aware of your timeline! Most ring setting manufacturers take approximately 2-4 weeks to produce your setting. This is the BEST scenario for your ring because the setting is made specifically to your diamond’s specifications and your significant others ring size. If the one in your jeweler’s stock just happens to fit both of these criteria….PERFECT! It can cut down your timeline significantly.

9. Setting your diamond. Once your jeweler gets your mounting from the manufacturer then your diamond will be set into the ring setting. Depending on your jeweler this can take approximately 1-7 days.

10. Proposal time! Congratulations! You made it! I think I will save this for another blog but if you are in need of some ideas, check out JRDunn.com for proposal ideas.

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