The Ultimate Men’s Shopping Guide for Women’s Jewelry: The Wish List

Client shopping for her Wish ListOkay ladies, We are going to be pretty harsh on you with this blog. Don’t take it personal….just take it as a learning experience. Our world is stressful enough as it is without you sending your man out to the big bad jewelry store for a jewelry gift for you, and you telling him…”just get anything”. You see what happens when he goes to the grocery store!

We have seen women complain that they either don’t get any jewelry at all or their husband buys them the completely wrong thing.

This can all be avoided by just going into your local jewelry store and filling out a WISH LIST! With this wonderful procedure you WILL AVOID THE FOLLOWING:

a. Crying

b. A husband not insecure about walking into a jewelry store.

c. Getting a gold nugget coin ring from the 80’s. (That he constantly is asking why you don’t wear). Or any other ugly out of date item of jewelry.

d. Getting an appliance or Victoria’s Secret Gift Card every year.

e. Getting a ruby ring when your birthstone is sapphire.

f. He always buys you yellow gold when you only like white gold.

You get the point.


Go into your local jeweler and tell them you want to fill out a WISH LIST. I suggest doing this before most birthdays or anniversaries, and then just before the holidays. Most jewelry stores get their newest stuff a few months before the holidays so you will have your best selection then.

Then spend the time trying on all the beautiful jewelry and the sales associate will make a list of your favorite pieces. It is best to pick all different price points, even the expensive stuff. He might not realize you would have worn it. And, pick a large selection because this gives him a nice array of items to choose from and it ends up being a surprise for you and he is happy and stress free because he got you something you like and enjoy. At this point let your husband know about your wish list or have your jeweler call or email him.

There is nothing better then having your significant other and your local jeweler on a first name basis!


Rebecca and Katie

WARNING….. ADVERTISING ALERT- We have a great wishlist program on if you want to get started right now! (Sorry we had to get that off our chest)

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  1. September 22, 2007 at 5:53 pm

    Another good approach is spend some time discussing jewelry in which he gets a feel for his taste. I’ve found that if I spend a few months noticing and asking when she likes, I have a much better chance of getting something she actually likes. Of course, I prefer taking her with me since she likes to shop and I get credit both for the purchase and taking her. :->

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