Top Ten Hints Your Engagement is Doomed!

Doomed Engagment BlogIs your engagement headed for the rocks?

If you are guilty of one of the following there is a chance your engagement might be doomed. We have compiled this top ten list from real life examples that we hear quite often in our line of work at the jewelry store.

Top ten hints your engagement might be doomed:

10. You proposed after she moved out.

9. You maxed out your credit cards to buy her engagement ring while saying “she’s not into material things.”

8. You bought her a CZ thinking she’ll never know.

7. You’re 60 and she’s 20.

6. You proposed while drunk and promised to buy the ring later.

5. You asked out the sales lady who was helping you with your engagement ring purchase.

4. She wanted a round diamond and you bought a marquise….you like it better.

3. You offered to pay for breast augmentation instead of a ring.

2. You got to know her while dating her mom.

1. She finds out your already married.

And you thought hairdressers knew it all!

Hopefully this made you smile! Enjoy!

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