Unique Engagement Ring Settings | Robert Pelliccia Designs

Do you know exactly what you want in an engagement ring but haven’t seen it anywhere? – Unique engagement rings are a huge passion for us here at J.R.Dunn Jewelers. We are one of a handful of jewelers in the country who are actually able to design and manufacture platinum engagement rings from scratch right on our premises. Our studio team headed by award winning designer Robert Pelliccia utilize artistic ability, state of the art technology and old world craftsmanship to create the ring of your dreams.

How does creating the ring of your dreams work?

It all starts out with a beautifully rendered sketch to bring your ideas to life. The next step is to recreate the sketch in 3 dimensions on our sophisticated CAD software program. We then export the CAD file to our RTM machine which creates a wax model of your uniquely designed engagement ring with unmatched precision. If the model passes our strict quality control standards we then proceed to create the ring using lost wax casting methods. Once we have the rough casting, the engagement ring is hand polished, assembled and last but certainly not least the diamonds are carefully set by our artisans.

We look forward to making your dreams become a reality at with a spectacular engagement ring setting at JRDunn.com.