Worlds Largest Rough Diamond Found!

Diamond in the Rough RingIt took over one hundred years to finally trump the Cullinan, formally the worlds largest diamond, found near Pratoria in 1905. The new diamond discovery is rumored to weigh approximately twice the amount of the Cullinan (3106.75 ct) although exact weights were not released. Imagine a 6,200 carat plus diamond!

Reports are the diamond is on it’s way to Johannesburg under extremely tight security. Once it is there the diamond will be examined and photographed. A few insiders apparently leaked that the diamond was more like industrial quality rather than gem material like the Cullinan.

However it can be argued that the term, gem material, can be applied a little more loosely today as than it was in the past. DeBeer’s, Tiffany and a relatively new company, Diamonds in the Rough, are all featuring pricey jewelry creations showcasing rough diamonds of all different sizes and qualities.

You can be sure we will be watching this developing story closely!

Stay tuned……….

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  1 comment for “Worlds Largest Rough Diamond Found!

  1. dahlia
    April 25, 2008 at 8:34 pm

    woah. That’s some ring. I like Todd Reed’s take on raw diamonds, better though. I think he compliments the stone with a bare-element style. have you seen his work? it’s worth a peek.

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